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Delphos Ladder Accessories is a leading manufacturer & distributor of
professional painter safety products & accessories.

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The Leg Leveler

The Leg Leveler is an incredibly simple attachment for all fiberglass, aluminum and wooden extension ladders.


Extension Ladder Safety Stops

This Safety Stop accessory quickly and easily attaches to the side of ANY portable extension ladder cradling the ladders' feet, preventing injury


The Step Ladder Easel

The StepLadder Easel will turn any stepladder into a convenient workstation. Easily adjustable to the height you choose.


Corner Buddy with Wheels

The Corner Buddy With Wheels is specifically designed to run your ladder right up the corner of any structure, putting you at a 45 degree angle.


The Easy Up

Ingeniously simple, this bolt-on device allows one person to safely and easily raise or lower an extension ladder across any surface.


The Standing Work Lamp

The Standing Work Light casts an even, unidirectional, low shadow light, resulting in the most effective means of lighting.


Paint Spray Shield Holder

This convenient attachment holds cardboard shields that allow you to achieve perfect lines along ceiling and corners when spray painting.


The Pole Cat

DLA's simple answer to safely painting poles or columns.


Window Bridge with Wheels

Like the name says, this ingenious device “bridges” across windows putting you right where the work is.


The Paint Pan Caddy

This design allows you to easily pull your paint pan around with you on nearly any floor or surface.


Regions leader in ladder
safety equipment. Designed by Guinness world record holder!


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